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Director, Knox Country Central Dispatch
I searched everywhere for chairs that would satisfy everyone in our 911 center. After trying several that were less expensive, I found they were uncomfortable and did not last long. I ordered the IRON HORSE chairs after a great deal of research. Everyone at the center loves the chairs because they help with alleviating fatigue and back pain. Everyone can adjust them for their height and comfort. The warranty on the chairs is exceptional.
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Manager MedSTAR Communications, MedSTAR Transport
My staff and I love the chairs. They are utilized 24/7/365 for twelve hour shifts. Over the course of my career here we have used many different chairs to make sure the staff were comfortable. Once the IRON HORSE chairs were introduced we have not used anything else. On top of the comfort and design the customer service that I have received throughout the life of the chairs has been amazing.
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The RECARO (Ergo Specialist) is an amazing piece, beautifully designed and constructed. This chair is easily adjustable and holds you in just the right position- not a bogus bolt upright "support" but a comfortable natural feel. Expensive- well, yes but so worth it considering I spend 8+ hours a day in it. Just like buying a great mattress for your bed, but maybe more important- I don't make money while I'm sleeping!
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Director of Audio Operations, Bill Young Productions
I’ve had 2 spinal surgeries and suffer from constant headaches and pain in my neck, shoulders arms and hands. I also have a job that requires sitting for long stretches – sometimes 12 to 15 hours - with very few breaks. I tried chairs from consumer back stores with moderate success and recently decided that, if I was going to be able to continue working that the pace required by my job, I needed to seek out the best chair that I could possibly find. I found Ergonomic Office Chairs on the internet and immediately felt I had found the right place. Tom Kramer was great in helping me find the chair that best fit my needs. After taking the time to discuss my specific needs at great length, Tom suggested I      try the KAB ACS. I have to say that I am very impressed. I loved the chair the first moment I                                                                sat in it.
Person working at a dispatch center


Director, Meceola Consolidated Central Dispatch Authority
“After going through a succession of chairs over the years that never held up, we decided to look for chairs that are specifically made for dispatch center 24 hour abuse. A supervisor was able to sit in an IRON HORSE chair at the APCO National Conference and texted me ‘I JUST FOUND OUR NEXT CHAIRS!’”