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Born out of the heavy equipment and automotive industries, United Group, Inc. manufactures its own brand of ergonomic office chairs and custom heavy duty seats under the IRON HORSE Seating brand. IRON HORSE Seating is designed for 24/7 intensive use for a variety of user statures across multiple environments. Featuring the latest ergonomic designs for comfort and commercial grade components for extreme durability, IRON HORSE Seating™ products are built to last.

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RECARO intensive use chairs are based on the same designs used in the heavy equipment and automotive markets. We have integrated the durability of commercial seating with the ergonomic technology and comfort features from models found in the world's finest automobiles including Aston Martin, Audi, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz and Porsche. RECARO executive chairs are rated for 24-hour, intensive use applications and their wide seat cushions feature LiquiCell® technology.

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BodyBilt Seating


BodyBilt® creates and produces customized chairs that are scientifically engineered to better position you in the workplace and home office, minimizing the physical stress that results from limited mobility and repetitive motion. BodyBilt® provides exceptional back support and comfort, adaptable to almost every body type and practically any task.

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Neutral Posture

Neutral Posture

A zero gravity environment of the body was the basis if the research performed by Jerome J. Congleton, PhD, PE, CPE, throughout the design, innovation and development of the Neutral Posture® ergonomic chair. The result is a superior product that supports the body in a neutral, stress free position. The muscles, tendons, and ligaments are supported in complete balance and the vertebrae properly aligned. Each of the 10 standard adjustments are designed for ease of use and maximum ergonomic value.

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The design of the Humanscale Freedom Chair provides maximum ergonomic benefit for users with a minimum number of manually-adjusted controls. Once the Freedom chair is fitted, no further adjustment is required. If adjustments are desired, the one touch controls make adjustments effortless. The idea behind Freedom Chair is that body movement, essential for a healthy body, should not be constricted by locking mechanisms and manual controls.

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Since 1928, Nightingale has provided the world with innovative seating solutions. While much has changed over the past 80 years in the design and function of seating, this commitment to comfort, quality and innovation has always remained a constant. Many of their current seating products are patented and or design registered, and clearly demonstrate our commitment to the future of office seating.

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