RECARO Commander

RECARO Commander
Advantage Series - Control Room Design 


The "flagship" of RECARO's Advantage Series. Expounding upon RECARO's existing high-end quality with an emphasis on customizable features - it is impossible not to enjoy your experience in the RECARO Commander.  

Ergonomic Seating Tips:
·Adjust your seat height while in your RECARO Office Chair. Your thighs should be horizontal, lower legs vertical and feet planted flat on the floor.
·Seat depth should allow the back to contact the lumbar backrest without cutting into the backs of the knees.
·Utilize a footrest when available.
·The optimum working posture is achieved when a 90 angle is
formed at the meeting point of your thighs and spine.
·Above all else, your comfort is the most important aspect to not only having a positive experience with the RECARO Commander, but your health and well-being. Make adjustments as you see fit. 

Comfort Head Rest
Headrest has adjustable height (up and down) and also tilts
forward. The tilting mechanism gives the user a great range of customization so that it can provide the user with the most comfortable seating position. Well padded and trimmed for excellent comfort.

Recliner Knobs
One located on each side of the chair. 25° recline with 20° tilt range provides a full 45° of recline and relaxation. Rotate knob clockwise to recline seat back, and counterclockwise to
bring seat back towards original setting.

Adjustable Side Bolsters
Provides extra support and lower back comfort. Backrest of the chair can be adjusted to envelop the user and offer the unique RECARO feel. Rotate clockwise to bring the bolsters closer to your body, and counter-clockwise to have them move away.

Airmatic Lumbar Support
Triple chamber design provides extra support for your lower back. This added support fits the chair to the “S” curve of the human spine.This creates a more unique experience for the user, and one that increases overall comfort and supports the user in the most natural position.

Height Adjustment Lever
Lift paddle to adjust seat height up and down.

4D or 2D Armrests
Multiple ranges of adjustability. 4D Armrests are height, width, depth and angle adjustable. Can be rotated 360°. 2D Armrests are height adjustable User can tailor the fit of the chairs arms to their needs.

Tilt Lock/Unlock Lever
Pull lever to lock/unlock tilt position.

2.5" Seat Cushion Extension
Base cushion knee section adjusts forward and backward. Provides extra support by allowing for multiple ranges of adjustability.

Tilt Tension Control Knob
Controls the tension in the knee-tilt mechanism. Turn counter-clockwise to increase tension.

Seat Cushion Tilt-Up Adjustment
Press buttons located on each side to adjust.


Weight Rating: 350 lbs.
User Height: Up to  6’3”



2 Years on the entire product