Humanscale Freedom Chair

HUMANSCALE Freedom Chair
Fits 95% of the Population


The Freedom Chair is an ergonomic product that is fitted to you. Once it is set-up, no further adjusting is necessary. These initial adjustments are simple to perform. They include backrest height (up/down), seat cushion positioning (fore/aft), and overall seated height.

Self-Adjusting Recline
Pivoting Backrest
Synchronous Armrests
Standard Cylinder
Countoured  Cushions
Size adjustable to fit more than 95% of the population
65mm Hard Casters

Dynamic Headrest
Gel Seat Cushion
Arm Pad Option
Low, Tall, High Cylinders
Foot Ring
Soft Casters for Hard Floors
Non-Rolling Glides for Fixed-Location Use
CAL 133 Approved  

5-Year Warranty