Customer Review
Jimmy Ham from Richland, Mississippi
Title: Good long term support
Product: Controller - Executive Chairs
Review: At first when I sat in the chair I would have given it 4 out of 5 stars. But after sitting in it for a little longer the comfort and support was easily a 5 out of 5 stars. If you spend a good amount of time in a chair, this chair is a good choice. Easy to operate.
Occupation: Co-owner business
Customer Review
Jim from Libertyville, Illinois
Title: Great Product
Product: Controller - Executive Chairs
Review: I have had my Controller for 3 months now. I am extremely happy with the lower back support and the very sturdy feel of the chair. And it doesn't squeak or creak like my previous chairs. My entire day is spent in front of a computer so I needed a chair that would be comfortable all day long. I would highly recommend this chair.
Occupation: Sr. Engineer
Company: Fabrication Technologies
Customer Review
Kerri Parker from Atlanta, Georgia
Title: Extremely Comfortable Chair
Product: Controller - Executive Chairs
Review: I have been sitting in my new Controller Chair (Black on Red) for a month and have been extremely impressed with both its comfort and quality/craftsmanship. The leather is super soft (Some of the best I have seen in an office chair) and the foam is very supportive. The knobs are all easily adjustable and user friendly. Plus the chair gets alot of looks and often the topic of conversation when people are in my office. I would highly recommend this chair to anyone looking for comfort and style.
Occupation: Vice President Operations
Company: Yanmar