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   N-dure™ Series

The Neutral Posture Lite™ N-dure™ is built upon the style an grace of the Sahara™ Series. The N-dure™ is designed specifically for 24/7 continuous shift environments like nurses stations, security stations, dispatch and call centers. Limited lifetime warranty for users up to 350 lbs.
  • Heavy duty components withstand the rigors of multi-shift use, steel reinforced
  • Free float mechanism with progessively synchronized, independent back and seat angle adjuster
  • Seat slider for adjusting seat bottom cushions depth
  • Heavy duty gas cylinder
  • Available in high or mid-back supported by 4" wide steel support bar
  • Armrests adjust for height and width
  • Sharing components with Big & Tall Series guarantees strength and performance
  • Molded foam and contouring allow you to sit “IN” the a Neutral Posture chair and not “ON” it.
  • An independent lab study has shown a significant reduction in seated pressure when using a Neutral Posture ergonomic chair.
  • Adjustments include:
    • Back angle: F 10º to R 10º
    • Seat height: 16.5" to 20.5"
    • Backrest height: 4" range
    • Seat angle with tension control: F 5º to R 15º
    • Optional Armrests: height & width adjustable
    • Seat slider increases seat cushion depth by 2.5"

    The Neutral Posture Lite Task collection brings the signature adjustability and pressure-reducing seat designs to the most economically friendly level possible! Simplified adjustments and a wide variety of designs make Neutral Posture Lite-Task an unbeatable option for ergonomics-minded companies on a tight budget. These task chairs were developed to fit a variety of employee shapes and sizes, ensuring each user a comfortable, healthy, more productive fit than that of any other chair on the market!

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