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Some competitors simply place larger seat cushions and backrests on standard fames then roll the dice on warranty coverage. The Neutral Posture Big & Tall chairs are the result of years of design, research and testing in the fields of anthropometry (designs based on measurement data of the target population for a product), ergonomics and bariatrics by Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPEs).

Neutral Posture utilizes pressure mapping to develop their ergonomic chairs. Pressure mapping enables engineers to determine seated pressure – the forced applied on the foam/chair when you are seated. This data is used to develop the optimum combination of molded, multi-density foam and contouring. The result is a chair that maintains a high level of comfort for a longer period of time. Basically you remain comfortable all day long.

  • Molded, multi-density foam and contouring allow you to sit “IN” the a Neutral Posture chair and not “ON” it.
  • Orthopedic quality cushions are trimmed with advanced technology of “Cloud 9” knitted material that allows the foam to conform to the shape of each individual. Typical woven fabrics prevent this level of conformance.
  • An independent lab study has shown a significant reduction in seated pressure when using a Neutral Posture ergonomic chair.

The "neutral posture" position is the backbone of the Neutral Posture ergonomic chair. When properly adjusted, it provides the body with a natural, stress-free position allowing the muscles, tendons and ligaments to be in complete balance with each other. In addition, the vertebrae will become properly aligned equal distance from each other. This ensures that there is no pressure towards the front or the rear of the spine.

The result? Comfortable, healthy work enviroment > increasing productivity > fewer lost work days > reduced medical costs.

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